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We have been servicing the Northern Michigan area for the last 29 years. We have the training and qualifications to provide the type of reliable property value opinions that banks and major lending institutions require for home loans. We use ACI Software, which is widely accepted by most banks and mortgage companies.

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Easy and Affordable Storage Solutions. We offer excellent customer service. We are committed to offering you exceptional value for clean, ready-to-rent units. We offer a variety of unit sizes available. Book, pay and manage your unit online. It is an easy and convenient rental experience.



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  • Home loans / Mortgage / Refinance / Equity

    Many people buy, sell or refinance their home each month, and most of these transactions consist of a simple line item for an appraisal. Almost all lenders require an appraisal before making a loan, and they also require a local expert because the stakes are very high.

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  • Legal Issues/ Divorce / Estate/ Probate

    A divorce, estate, or probate is a very traumatic experience for all the parties involved. Regardless of the situation, it's wise to get an appraisal so all parties are fully aware of the true market value of their real estate property.

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  • Private use / General Market Value

    If you are going to sell your home you would be wise to invest in a professional appraisal. Professional appraisals are a great investment. They pay by themselves. Unless a homeowner studies real estate values on a day to day basis, like a professional appraiser does, it's difficult for the homeowner to get an accurate price on real estate values.

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  • FSOB / Listing Appraisals / Pre Sale

    Whether you choose to sell your home on your own or with the help of a real estate agent, a professional appraisal will help you make a more informed decision when determining your selling price. With much different interests than a real estate agent, an appraiser has no vested interest in what amount the house sells for.

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  • Investment / Rental Property

    Performing appraisals for investment and rental properties requires a higher level of understanding of the appraisal process. These types of appraisals are not just concerned with Fair Market Value derived from an analysis of comparable sales, but also rely heavily upon what is the known as the “Income Approach” for determining the value of a property based on the income it generates.

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  • Insurance Concerns

    A Mid Michigan Appraisal and inspections appraisal is made in addition to your insurance plan. Together with an appraisal of your property they need to define your level of compensation in case of a loss and allow the insurance company to quantify its danger.

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